Max Stroud, MSW, CPHIMS

M. Maxwell Stroud is a Lead Consultant at Galen Healthcare Solutions with a professional background in both healthcare and social work. Max has been consulting in Health IT since 2008.  She has worked with every aspect of health IT in ambulatory care including facilitating clinics through the transition from paper to electronic formats.     Max has a passion for collaborative process and building processes that bring all stakeholders to the table to build systems that meet the needs of the business organization, the providers and the patients.  Max can be found on Twitter at @MMaxwellStroud


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amy Landry

 Amy Landry is owner of Amy Landry Communications. She offers communications consulting and support services backed by over a decade of experience in healthcare public relations and marketing roles. She’s worked in a variety of settings including hospital, ambulatory, payer, health IT vendor, and health policy oriented organizations. So whether it’s pitching media from the trade show floor, preparing last minute talking points for the CEO, crafting legislative testimony, or executing that crisis communications plan you’d never thought you’d use…she’s been there too. Amy seeks clients that share her passions for healthcare system improvement and population health, working only with those she understands and whose mission she believes in. In her free time, she enjoys endurance sports, eating and cooking local healthy food, and traveling just about anywhere. Find her on Twitter at @amyinmaine


Tamara STCLAire

Tamara StClaire is the Chief Innovation Officer of the Xerox Healthcare Business Group. Xerox helps healthcare organizations focus on improving lives through better, more affordable and accessible care by designing processes that work for the people delivering, enabling and receiving care. Her role is to create and lead the growth of new solutions for the business. She holds a PhD in chemistry from the University of California, Davis and an MBA from Columbia University. You can find her on Twitter @drstclaire.



Janae Sharp

Janae has been involved in healthcare marketing and intelligence for several years specializing in conversion focused social media plans for healthcare IT companies.   When she isn't working in business development for companies or making cookies she might be inviting you to go biking, hiking, do yoga or make a million dollars all while improving patient outcomes. Janae gets to bring doctors, futurists, engineers and investors together to talk about the best systems, developments and ideas as part of her job at healthcarescene.com   If you meet her she might ask what your target customer, business partner or investor is, and then connect you. You can find her on Twitter at @coherencemed


Rachel Macklin

Rachel is the Director of Talent Acquisition and Brand Strategy for Jackson Health IT, a boutique recruitment firm focused on EHR and Data Intelligence. She specializes in the development and execution of recruitment strategies and processes, as well as analysis of market trends impacting business objectives. Due to her creative background, she also functions as a marketing leader, driving brand messaging and content strategy. She loves connecting people with people, whether to help others grow, create new opportunities, or just open up a dialogue. She can also be found on Twitter @rmacklinrecruit

Amanda Havard

Amanda Havard is a second-generation tech entrepreneur with a passion for innovating in legacy industries by streamlining user experience. She is the CEO and Co-founder of Health: ELT, a tech startup aimed at helping Medicaid stakeholders more effectively assess and coordinate services for vulnerable populations. She's worked closely with industry executives, and state and federal governments to understand the needs of the country's complex public health system.

From her experiences in previous digital media startup ventures, she honed an eye for strategically reaching targeted populations with digital interventions.

Her work draws extensively on her background in cognitive development at Vanderbilt University, including her work as a fellow with Vanderbilt’s Peabody Research Institute. She independently holds one U.S. patent for technology and methodology she has architected and developed, and a second U.S. and international patent-pending with her Health: ELT team.  You can find her on Twitter @AmandaHavard. 


Corinne Stroum

Corinne Stroum currently works as the Director of Program Management for Healthcare Analytics at Caradigm.  Her experience in health IT is with solutions ranging from a Workflow and Rules Engine to tools that enable exploration of longitudinal analytics data.  She is conversant in clinical interoperability standards, healthcare terminology systems, and government legislation, enabling her to work with clinicians and developers alike.

Corinne is excited by the copious and varied amounts of data made available by systems and devices in the healthcare environment.  Prior to health IT, she studied Biomedical and Electrical Engineering.  This enabled her early career to be spent viewing healthcare from many perspectives: as a biomedical technician for intra-aortic balloon pumps, as a vascular researcher, as a systems validation engineer for a PET/CT scanner, and as a repairperson for medical imaging accessories.

In her free time, she works on wearable electronics projects and cultivates a food garden each summer.  On a rainy fall day, you might find her working on a machine learning project using CDC data or trying her hand at self-authored Twitter analytics.  You can find her via Twitter at @HealthCora or LinkedIn via https://www.linkedin.com/in/cpstroum


Jessica Clifton

Jess Clifton is Sr. Healthcare Writer for Agency Ten22, drawing on over a decade of experience in healthcare market research. She honed her tech and marketing skills at Billian's HealthDATA where she previously worked as a data analyst, Product Manager, and Director of Marketing. She is a #healthITchicks collaborator and a fierce believer in the power of a positive support network. She is passionate about the Social Determinants of Health and building a better bridge between physical and mental well-being. In her spare time she serves on the board of TC New Tech, working to foster tech entrepreneurship and growth in her Northern Michigan home town. You can find Jess on Twitter at @jslentzclifton. 


Joy Rios

Joy Rios is a health IT expert, author, and nationally known speaker on the topics of EHR incentive (Meaningful Use), PQRS and value-based payment programs. She works as a Technical Director for Miraca Life Sciences and has authored of two books on navigating health IT initiatives, the most recent being “ABC’s of Quality Reporting: Your 2016 Roadmap for PQRS, Value-based Modifier, and the Merit-based Incentive Payment System.” In addition to holding a BA and MBA, she is a Certified Healthcare Technology Specialist and a Certified Audit Specialist with a focus on practice workflow. She can be found via Twitter at @askjoyrios.




Shereese Maynard is the CEO of EnvisionCare Inc, a healthcare strategies firm specializing in policy, information governance and marketing. She consults regularly with executives from every area of the healthcare spectrum to help create synergistic solutions to patient-impacting problems. Prior to her current position, she was COO at MayHAC Corp and Nursing and Health Services Training Consultants, Inc. leading both firms into the areas of information governance and HealthIT marketing. 

 She was voted outstanding member and leader for NHSTC, 2006, was named subject-matter expert for MyCity4Her’s health care tech initiative in Baltimore, Maryland, and sits on numerous health care planning boards throughout New Jersey, Maryland, and DC.  Shereese is listed in the #HIT100 for 2016 and has been a national speaker on healthcare initiatives since 2010. Shereese’s current project is Wonderland Health, a HIT and marketing firm focused on healthcare delivery and inclusive of the patient’s perspective and physician guidance.  Wonderland Health is scheduled to launch in the spring of 2017. Shereese can be found on Twitter @Shereesepubhlth & Instagram @shereesem.



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