Health Tech Reads: Value Based Healthcare with Dr. Mahek Shah

Value Based Healthcare: Dr. Mahek Shah from HBS

This week Elizabeth Barrett of Stellicare takes over #HTreads with a podcast about Value Based Healthcare from Dr. Mahek Shah, a part of the value based team of Harvard Business School. Elizabeth is a healthcare strategist and devoted activist for patient centered design. join us on twitter at 9:30 PM EST for a chat. Please hashtag your comments #HTreads.

Heritage Biologics Podcast: Value Based Care

Hello friends! So this week #HTReads decided to spice things up a bit. I, for one, was pretty jazzed to give my eyes a rest and enjoy the Health Tech “LISTEN.” I love a good podcast, and Ep #4 of the Heritage Biologics Podcast did not disappoint! This episode, “Rare Value-Based Care,” presented a compelling dialogue between host, Dr. Kyle Hogarth, and his guest, Dr. Mahek Shah. Dr. Shah is a Senior Researcher and Project Leader at Harvard Business School and a partner at a global consultancy firm, among other things (his CV would probably take me a week to write). 

In this episode, Dr. Hogarth and Dr. Shah have a conversation about value-based healthcare. They discuss the delivery model’s current iteration in the U.S., its evolution and progression, and the possibilities for it’s future.

VBHC Mahek Shah.png

They share insights into how value based healthcare design can transform a system. Though Drs. Hogarth and Shah give a high level overview of value-based care, before they focus in on more granular aspects of the healthcare model. Dr. Shah shares compelling insights into the tenets, methodologies, and practices and components necessary for any value-based program to succeed (not only in theory, but in practice, too).

Particularly compelling was Dr. Shah’s commentary on the intersection of the business aspects and the clinical aspects of healthcare. As our host points out, Dr. Shah is able to provide a truly unique perspective on this topic. His experience having worked in the worlds of business and clinical care afford him well-rounded insights tailored to the topic at hand.

Overall, this was a compelling, informative, and thought-provoking interview that left me with tons of questions that I can’t wait to discuss with you all! 

-Elizabeth Barrett


Questions for #HTreads

1. Would a move away from fee for service reimbursement benefit doctors? Patients? What are some of the flaws in the fee for service model?

2. What is your definition of value-based healthcare?

3. What are some barriers to a successful implementation of value-based care?

4. Will a value-based reimbursement model "fix" the US healthcare system in the long term?

5. How is healthcare being transformed by consumer expectations? Are the words "consumer" and "patient" interchangeable?


Please check out the Podcast here:

Heritage Biologics Podcast: Value Based Care

Value Based Healthcare with Dr. Mahek Shah