Women in HealthIT #KAREOCHAT

I'm really looking forward to being part of #KareoChat this week at 9 AM PST on November 30 - because we are going to talk about Women in Health IT. With recent culture shift and #metoo leading to the firing of high profile men in Hollywood it is a topic of discussion in many industries. What is happening in Health IT? We will chat on Twitter if you search for the Hashtag #KareoChat and we will have 5 questions. I really want to hear what your experiences have been. Is Healthcare and Health IT like other industries? Have you noticed a cultural shift?

On Twitter Chats we like to discuss and interact about specific topics online. 

We will discuss the following Questions:

1. What examples have you seen of women promoting women in Health IT?

2. How does news about workplace harassment impact women working in HealthIT? Are things getting better? #metoo

3. Do you know people who have left healthIT to go to other industries? Why did they leave/stay?

4. What is your wishlist for women in healthIT? 

5. What unique contributions can women give in improving informatics and EHR development?

Please come join the conversation.