Health Tech Reads Book Club Giveaway August 2nd 2017

Health Tech Reads Book Giveaway August 2nd, 2017

August 2nd we will giveaway a copy of each of the first four books for Health Tech Reads #HTReads. Please participate in our chat 9:30 PM EST.  Entries are for:

  1. Follow @healthtechreads on twitter.

  2. Share about this giveaway and other content with #HTreads on twitter.

  3. Sign up for email news from Health Tech Reads HERE *emails will be a summary of questions from authors and reviews of happenings and chats not random spam. We promise the best email list experience of your life.

Chat Questions for August 2nd:

  1. What is your best book club experience? What are some of the worst?

  2. What book would your recommend for a book club?

  3. What do you think Health Tech organizations should do to promote reading?

  4. Who would you give a book to and which book?

  5. What are you looking forward to with Health Tech Reads?

Hello, World!

August 8: Geek Girl Rising

Meet the Authors and chat about Geek Girl Rising!

Inside the Sisterhood Shaking Up Tech (St. Martin's Press, May 2017) by @cabotventures & @samwalravens

What have other women done to help you in Health Tech?

August 15: The Internet of Healthy Things by Dr. Joseph Kvedar

Follow Dr. Kvedar on Twitter and learn more about the Internet of Healthy Things. He will also be joining our chat.




August 22: Casino Healthcare with Dan Munro

August 29: When Bad Things Happen to Good People by Harold Kushner




General Guidelines for Health Tech Reads Twitter Chat:

1) Please read the book before the chat begins.

2)  There will be 4-6 questions, please identify your response to question by identifying which question you respond to.

3) Don't forget to use #HTReads.

4) We assume all tweets during #HTReads are your own.

5)  Follow the #HTReads twitter account for more information and updates. @healthtechreads.

6) #HTReads last one hour.

7) Through the eyes of celebrated authors and their works, #HTReads hopes to widen the conversation. 

8) #HTReads meets every Tuesday 9:30PM ET.right after #hcldr- same day- same channel.

9) Please try to stay on topic and participate with the hashtag. #HTReads.