Health Tech Reads: The Human Company Playbook

This week Health Tech Reads will be discussing human centered companies. A healthy company allows for individual growth and maximizes potential. I spoke with Sara Holoubeck about building a business that is Human friendly. I was really impressed with your work for improving companies and looking at human factors and personal needs. This week we are discussing Human Centered design and work life balance. What has your experience been with work life balance? Have you ever left a company for personal issues? Please discuss with the hashtags #htreads and #humanco as we look at the guided readings and questions this week.

The questions for the discussion are:

1. What are some "Human Centered" policies that you've seen at companies that you've worked for?

2. What are your main values? Do you think they align with the values of business in Healthcare?

3. If you could implement one policy at your company from the readings- what would it be? Should policies be different in a healthcare company?

4. How do companies balance productivity and policy- such as family leave or treatment for addiction? Who should be responsible for corporate costs? Should government programs pay for childcare expenses or corporations or individuals?

5. One of the readings has the quote “I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day..." Have you seen this attitude in your workplace or life? What are the implications of this kind of attitude?



human company designs.png

September 19: Improved Community Health Depends on Knowing the Extent of Social Deprivation. Robert Graham Center- link and related articles.

September 26: Nudge by Thaler and Sunstein


General Guidelines for Health Tech Reads Twitter Chat:

1) Please read the book before the chat begins.

2)  There will be 4-6 questions, please identify your response to question by identifying which question you respond to.

3) Don't forget to use #HTReads.

4) We assume all tweets during #HTReads are your own.

5)  Follow the #HTReads twitter account for more information and updates. @healthtechreads.

6) #HTReads last one hour.

7) Through the eyes of celebrated authors and their works, #HTReads hopes to widen the conversation. 

8) #HTReads meets every Tuesday 9:30PM ET.right after #hcldr- same day- same channel.

9) Please try to stay on topic and participate with the hashtag. #HTReads.