Health Tech Reads: Demystifying Big Data and Machine Learning in Healthcare

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Demystifying Big Data and Machine learning in Healthcare by Prashant Natarajan

Our very own Prashant Natarajan has written a great book about machine learning in healthcare. With all the hype where can we get great information about this topic? Which companies have something to contribute and which are vaporware? Here are the questions for the chat:

1. Is healthcare looking at the right data sets for Artificial Intelligence to be helpful?
2. What are the best use cases that you see in Artificial Intelligence and healthcare?
3. Are there things you would consider unethical about Artificial Intelligence and healthcare?
4. Healthcare has lost a lot of money on potential improvements with artificial intelligence- does healthcare lack the tech talent to scale Artificial Intelligence?
5. What is the best source of education about machine learning and healthcare? Who do you consider an expert?
6. Bonus- what is your favorite potential of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare?

This starts at Tuesday, October 10 9:30 PM EST after HCLDR chat. 

If you don't have your copy of the book yet please watch this helpful video for guidelines and join us at HealthTechReads on twitter at 9:30 PM EST.