Health Tech Reads: Finding Heart in Art: A Surgeon's Renaissance Approach to Healing Modern Medical Burnout by Shawn C Jones

This week our partner Melanie Hilliard (follow her she's great!) wrote a bit about a topic close to my heart: Physician burnout. We are previewing and discussing a book by Shawn C. Jones that chronicles his journey to find connection. For the chat please follow @healthtechreads on twitter and click on #HTReads as a hashtag. We will be chatting on Tuesday night at 9:30 PM EST. Our missing is to increase literacy and conversation around healthcare technology.

From Melanie:

Just in time for Valentine’s Day readers, we’ll be discussing Finding Heart In Art: A Surgeon's Renaissance Approach To Healing Modern Medical Burnout by Shawn C. Jones, MD, FACS.

It has been said that art can heal all wounds. What about the PTSD-like wounds that come from physician burn-out?

Dr. Jones is a board-certified otolaryngologist head and neck surgeon who shares his very personal journey of healing and recovery. One day, he woke up to the realization that he wasn’t feeling anything and that amid the busy life of a surgeon, he had lost his heart. The heart that had made him feel happiness, joy, and love, as well as fear, anger and sadness. He recognized his lack of feeling was born of fatigue and burn-out; and he did not want to become another physician suicide statistic.

Dr. Jones finds his way back to his heart through the beauty of Renaissance paintings. He shares how people can reconnect with their feelings by appreciating the world around them as a method to handle fatigue.


This week we will discuss the following questions:

Q1. How does medical training and working as a physician de-sensitize clinicians to the emotional aspects of healing?

Q2. What is the impact of physician burn-out on patient care?

Q3. Are healthcare orgs starting to recognize the prevalence and importance of physician burn-out?

Q4. How can art, creativity and imagination help alleviate physician burn-out?

Q5. What are some ways healthcare orgs can promote a culture of wellness and healing using art and creativity?

Bonus Q: what are other alternative healing opportunities to help alleviate physician burn-out?