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Our Mission

To build a unique network of women working in health IT where members find trusted connections, experience personal and professional growth, and amplify each others success. To do this, we create intimate real-life opportunities where these women create, build and sustain meaningful relationships, and grow their personal and professional networks. These opportunities are offered in a nurturing and open environment free of agendas, sales and judgement.

Sponsorship Opportunities

We seek sponsors that support our mission and believe in the power of the network we are creating. Sponsoring Doyenne Connections and our events is a uniquely impactful way to show your support for women in health IT and generate goodwill for your organization.

Potential sponsors will find our opportunities both affordable and more personal than other promotional options. We don’t just throw your logo up on a banner, a lanyard, or a water bottle – we present your brand in an intimate and stylish way that reflects how your mission aligns with ours. While we don’t offer sponsors tables or speaking opportunities at our events, we do invite women in their organizations to register as an attendee.

We want to create a nurturing and supportive environment for the Doyenne network. Therefore, we do not share our member or event attendee contact information with sponsors. We do however provide a number of ways for sponsors to tell their story in more unique and meaningful ways