We are creating opportunities for Women in Health IT to make meaningful connections and grow personal & professional networks.


Our Mission

We are in the business of building a strong professional network of women at the intersection of Healthcare & Technology in order to foster connection, nurture business opportunities and amplify the work that is being done by women in our field.  In business you want to make deals with people that  you trust.   Partnerships can come from traditional routes or they can happen by chance when you are invited to the right golf game or dinner party.

Social media is fantastic for all the ways it helps us discover and connect to each other. Real social interaction is the critical next step for those relationships and commonalities to become trustworthy connections and friendships.
— Amanda Havard, Health ELT


This project grew out of an organic idea - what would happen if like minded women in the same business got together in a relaxed atmosphere.      Participants at our first retreat included physicians, Analysts, business owners, coders, marketers, entrepreneurs, CMIOs & board members.    The participants quickly created a warm, friendly, supportive and collaborative environment with each other - sharing salary negotiation tips, pitch strategies and general industry intel.   

The first weekend gathering, thrown on a whim and a shoestring budget, was an unqualified success.  As a result, Doyenne Connections was created.       

In today's market, there are a lot of people trying to sell you a lot of things.  Marketing firms put on conferences to sell you something.     We are not selling anything, we are doing something.   We are changing the world.